LFI TuFF Shelf Ladder


Industrial Heavy-duty Aluminium Shelf Ladders

Available from a 5-tread shelf ladder to a 12-tread shelf ladder, the LFI TuFF Shelf Ladder has been designed for comfort and safety whilst accessing shelving, and warehousing storage.

Manufactured in Britain from lightweight EN131-certified aluminium ladder profiles, and rated to a maximum load & duty rating of 150kgs, the LFI TuFF Shelf Ladder comes with deep 80mm serrated non-slip treads that have ridge reinforcement & double riveting at each corner. The large ribbed channel section stiles, reinforced bottom tread & horns, and hard-wearing, non-slip feet give the LFI TuFF Shelf a safe climbing experience.

Combine all of these excellent features, and the LFI TuFF Shelf Ladder is resistant to heavy usage and offers maximum durability and grip on all floor surfaces whilst being comfortable when working at height.

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