The LFI Pro Extender extension ladder range (Super-Trade Plus Ladder) is an EN131-certified extension ladder for professional, trade and domestic use made from lightweight but super-strong aluminium. Available as a single pole ladder, double-section extension ladder or triple-section extension ladder, this professional extension ladder with a stabiliser bar offers a maximum load and duty rating of 150kgs and an extended reach of up to 10m.

The LFI Pro Extender extension ladder has been created with large 32mm serrated trilobular ladder rungs, with a 3-way crimp & swage design, that is also orientated flat when the extension ladder is erected by the user at the correct climbing angle. This gives the LFI Pro Extender extension ladders superior durability and comfort when the user is working at height.

The LFI Pro Extender extension ladder also has deeply serrated rubber feet to offer maximum grip on all surfaces. A heavy-duty galvanised steel locking ladder catch adds extra security too. This LFI range of extension ladders also comes with a 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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