G-Deck Access Hatch


The G-Deck access hatch has the most advanced safety features at a reasonable cost.

It comes with three hinged access hatches. The first is for the ladder, which has two tie points to be secured before use. The second is for a person to access up or down, which is a self-close. It cannot remain open, allowing a possible fall in. The third is a safety decking letterbox-style hatch that allows any decking system to be passed up or down without any fall arrest from above.

Additional built-in features such as a chequer plate top for anti-slip, and a combination lock to allow only the trades using it to open and reduces time travelling around the site for keys. The colour can be personalised to your company brand colours to look on point.

  • 300kg loading bearing
  • Very quick to erect
  • Person hatch self closes to prevent possible fall down
  • Combination lock or padlock options are available
  • 3 Hatches – material, person and ladder
  • Chequer plate top to prevent slips
  • The ladder hatch has two points to tie and secure
  • It can be tailored by size or colour.

Certified to British Standard BSEN13374:2013 CLASS 4

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